sipefights_zps173ffe14BBAHOTSHOTS MALAWIAN SIPE OPEN UPS WINNING THE 300,000 DOLLARS GRAND PRIZE, It’s been a chilled morning today just like the rest of them this final week as housemates seem to have retreated back their shells “after all we are already in the final”. Well, today housemates will have task presentations thus they’ve been busy putting final touches to their respective sculptures and it’s during these preps that Sipe had a one on one with bestie Macky2 accusing him of criticising the way she has fun.

It all stems from the way the Malawian spends her time especially when intoxicated. She accused Macky2 of always criticising him and not having her back as a friend would do adding that he’s always painting her in negative light. We all know that Macky2 likes his cool and quiet environment and when it comes to people singing on top of their voices and drinking like their lives depended on it, he gets irritated. A vividly angry Sipe told off Macky2 that if at all Africa doesn’t vote for her because of the way she has fun so be it because she couldn’t change it as she was being herself. Macky2 tried defending himself and reasoning with her but she refused to give him audience continuing to accuse him of this and that and finally told him that she didn’t want to continue talking about it.

What do you think about the pair’s cracked relationship?

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