BBAHOTSHOTS: Namibia’s Permithias Declared As BBA House Polygamist



BBAHOTSHOTS: Namibia’s Permithias Declared As BBA House Polygamist, What could Permithias be up to? The Namibian singer has been referred to by housemates as a “polygamist” because of his “relationship” with two ladies in the house. Last night he sat down with Laveda for more than the five minutes he requested and firstly told her that they were in many ways alike and wanted her to understand that he wished her nothing but joy and didn’t want people to hurt her. Permithias started giving her advice, telling her not to wear her heart on her sleeve and let people know where she draws her strength from. He continued telling her that she must not put herself completely out there for people to hurt her and wanted to make sure that she went back home with her dignity. Permithias told Laveda that he understood her very well and wished that she wouldn’t find a reason to lie to him.  SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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