#BBAHOTSHOTS: Nigeria’s Tayo Gives A Heartfelt & Emotional Apology To Housemates

Tayo sorry_med

#BigBrotherAfrica #BBAHOTSHOTS: Nigeria’s Tayo Gives A Heartfelt & Emotional Apology To Housemates, With tears tumbling down his cheeks Tayo gave a heartfelt and emotional apology to the housemates. This after a brawl between him and JJ last night that spun out of control, short of getting physical.

While everybody got on with their dance costumes, setting and rehearsals Tayo just couldn’t get into the zone, not before he did something important. He approached Samantha, as both Head of House and his friend, and confided in her.

He felt regret over letting his passions get the better of him during the incident with JJ. He clearly needed some support from her in a campaign to correct his misgivings and rebuild his image in the eyes of his fellow housemates and viewers on the outside.

From that heart to heart rose an emotional Tayo who fell at the knees of his own conscience. As he recited an apology – citing a personal responsibility to his family, in-laws, mentors and country, housemates cheered him in acceptance.

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