BBAHotshots: Housemate Nigeria’s Tayo In A Nasty Fight/Quarrel With Botswana’s Shelia


Initially it was Sheillah against the girls as she boasted about how she never got on with the girls – as though she were superior to them and they were clueless. Of course this gave the boys leave to speak patronisingly about the girls behind their backs. Not before too long, however, Sheillah and her boy Tayo were not seeing eye-to-eye. According to him he was no longer going to tolerate her loud-mouth, rude ways while she felt that he had no right to judge her relationship with Nhlanhla.

A stone’s throw away the girls poured their hearts out with the wine. They shared stories about their difficult childhoods and the issue of a missing father. Sipe in particular craved the presence of her father because he had left their family when she was younger. She attributed to this her attraction to Macky2 and in light of his girlfriend entering the house for the freeze task. She felt like he had led her on and seeing his partner made her feel used, made her feel like “the other woman” which she insisted she was not.

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