#BigBrotherAfrica 2014 #BBAHotshots: Latest Evictions Tanzania’s laveda Now Exits BBA House.


Big-Brother-Africa-Hotshots-Contestants-Bellanaija-September2014003#BigBrotherAfrica 2014 #BBAHotshots: Tanzania’s laveda Now Evicted, following the incessant nominations by so many housemates, that saw tanzania’s multitalented laveda as a treat, she has been asked to exit Big brother Africa 2014 from tonite’s eviction.Tanzania’s Laveda was evicted from the Big Brother House during this Sunday evening show . The show begun with the announcement of strikes against Samantha and M’am Bea for discussing how they voted during last week’s nominations. 

Nhlanhla also revealed whom he nominated and then the show went straight into the evictions. Nhlanhla tried to be fair concerning whom he put up for eviction saying his decision was based on the Head of House task which made him choose Macky 2 as he had the least number of votes. The housemates nominated for eviction were asked to stand. Macky 2, Ellah, JJ, M’am Bea and Permithias were asked to sit making Laveda the first (and sixth) female housemate to be evicted. She shed tears and hugged everybody she can as she hurriedly left the house.

According to this week’s votes, Laveda and Alusa received the least votes. Here are the results:

Macky2: had votes from Botswana, Malawi, Rest of Africa and Zambia

JJ: had votes from Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe

Mam’Bea: had votes from Ghana and Nigeria

Ellah: had votes from Rwanda and Uganda

Permithias: Namibia

Alusa: Kenya

Laveda: Tanzania

Three housemates: Alusa, Permithias and Laveda received one country vote each, which means that the tie breaker rule came into effect for the two housemates that were evicted.  SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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