#BBAHotshots: Tanzania’s Idris And Uganda’s Ellah Get Steamy



#BBAHotshots: Tanzania’s Idris And Uganda’s Ellah Get Steamy, The house is certainly steaming up, courtesy of none other than the Head of House, Idris. A rambunctious night filled with silly songs and jokes became very sexy when Ellah slid onto her bed and Idris straddled her back, all set to give her a massage.

He tantalised the Ugandan beauty queen as he pressed his fingers into her back, eliciting moans and squeals. Afterwards they snuggled under the covers, only to be drawn out by the call of food. Could this be the start of something romantic between the two? The flirtatious vibe continued as Goitse, Frankie and Sipe discussed kissing, the latter prompting the other two to kiss. Goitse coyly got up and then sat down again, dancing uncertainly around Frankie.

Sipe soon steered the conversation in an even racier direction, highlighting one or two amorous bedroom adventures. For now, Africa is teetering on the edge of their seat waiting to see whether lips will lock.

The other housemates had kept things light, with JJ starting an impromptu radio show, “interviewing” his fellow housemates amongst plenty of laughter, snatching up a banana to use as a microphone. Permithias was keeping things serious, hard at work on his poetry and avoiding alcohol.  SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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