BBAhotshots: Which Big Brother Hotshot House Mate has got what it takes to win. (Malawi’s Sipe Comes Top)


Sipe_wins_star_meter_day56_bba9BBAhotshots: Which Big Brother Hotshot House Mate has got what it takes to win. (Malawi’s Sipe Comes Top) Sipe is a winner again. This week she takes the Star Meter award for the second time in a row. After last week’s live eviction show we asked you, the viewers, which Big Brother housemate has what it takes to win. The Malawian lass who took last week’s craziest housemate was again this week’s favourite. Listen if you have it, you have it!

With only seven days to go until the grand finale could the Star Meter award be a sign of things – or perhaps winnings – to come? It remains to be seen. It was always fascinating to learn just who Africa’s choices were along the weeks with Tayo voted sexiest in the one week and the one with the x-factor in the next week. Macky2 and Samantha were also past recipients but by the looks of things we had ascended into the reign of glam queen Sipe.

She was your choice this week because… We can’t wait to see her and fellow housemates reactions to her consecutive win. A win would hopefully lighten spirits inside the house after an emotional week of family freeze tasks. The bunch had a trying run here because in as much as they would get to see their loved ones, whom they missed sorely, they were not allowed to move let alone touch their family, friends and lovers. Biggie raised the stakes higher by adding value to this task. Were anyone to move during a Freeze task when a guest from home came in, a staggering amount of $10,000 would be docked from the final cash prize of $300,000!

With the numbers doing the talking housemates didn’t take it lightly and stuck to script when the moment came. They certainly wanted that final prize neat and intact at the finish line. 

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