#BBATheChase: Nando Accuses Selly Of Infecting Him With STD

    Big Brother Africa The Chase Housemate, Sex drama in the has BBA house has taken a new twist, Nando is accusing Ghana representative Selly of infecting him with STD! Emotions were taken to another level last night after housemate Nando made a startling revelation that Ghanaian housemate Selly had given him STD for which he was on medication for. Nando had told Bimp Selly gave him Chlamydia (STD), Bimp asked him why he didn’t use a condom, Nando said Selly refused. Nando had told Bimp: You know I hate that bi*ch !I’m bleeping frustrated cos that bi*ch *Selly* gave me STD! That’s why my blood pressure was high yesterday! The Tanzanian representative Nando later disclosed to Biggie that he was going to bring drama to the house, no one expected it to be of this nature…SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>>The usually playful and seemingly unserious Nando appeared to be serious when he revealed on Friday that Ghana’s Selly had infected him with a sexually transmitted disease. Selly who had earlier declared that she loved Nando, has however denied infecting him with Chlamydia, insisting they only kissed, and nothing more. Few weeks ago, the duo had been an item in the house spending time together under bed sheets
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