#BBATheChase: Pokello and Bassey Now Evicted From Big Brother Africa 2013


    Tonight, Africa bids Sierra Leoan’s Bassey And Zimbabwe’s Pokello farewell.Bassey’s eviction left some of the housemates in shock. Bimp who was Diamond’s house Head of House for last week saved himself and placed Bassey on the chopping block on Monday evening and this means Bassey didn’t see this one coming.
     The highlight of tonight’s eviction show was however the eviction of Zimbabwe’s Pokello. The socialite and fashionista was up for eviction for the fourth time and this time, her luck finally ran out. In the early days of the show,#Pokello was no doubt the darling of the viewers as they have saved her every other time she was up for possible eviction.Twice ,she emerged the contestant with the highest country votes,At one point,She bagged eight ”country votes” and that included the votes of Nigeria and Ghana.  SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>
    Things took a drastic turn for her when she stupidly took a swipe at Nigerians and other West African countries shortly after Melvin replaced her fellow countryman, Hakeem and the handsome dude was subsequently evicted. She accused West African contestants of ganging up with their East African counterparts to flush out contestants from Southern Africa.She particularly singled out Nigeria and accused the organizers of the show of bias and manipulation of the votes to suit #Nigerians. She gave the example of 2010 when Zimbabwean housemate, Munya lost the battle for the top prize to Uti.

    How Africa voted :
    Angola: Angelo 

    Botswana: Angelo 

    Ghana: Pokello 

    Kenya: Annabel

    Ethiopia: Dillish 

    Malawi: Dillish 

    Namibia: Dillish 

    Nigeria: Bassey 

    South Africa: Angelo 

    Sierra Leone: Bassey

    Tanzania: Annabel

    Uganda: Annabel

    Zambia: Angelo

    Zimbabwe: Pokello

    Rest of Africa: Angelo

    Total: Angelo = 5; Annabel = 3; Dillish = 3, Pokello = 2, Basssey = 2. (Total: 15 Votes)

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