#BBHOTSHOT: Housemates Target Couples of the House for Evictions


kuntkunt_med#BBHOTSHOT: Housemates Target Couples of the House for Evictions. Today the diary room was buzzing with mixed feelings around nominations with a particularly blue M’am Bea expressing that she didn’t quite see that coming. Other than that the big question, or rather the big promise from housemates was a fashion, hair and beauty task presentation that would blow Biggie’s socks off. Housemates were nervous about this particular presentation because it was a challenging task and they had, for a third week in a row, put 100% of their eggs in this basket. Blame it on the high of a winning streak but many hoped it would continue.

Housemates couldn’t have spotted the wager loss that was headed their way from afar. 

Sheillah, having chopped her locks off, was a highlight in the diary sessions. Was this a sign that she was committed to the integrity of the task? Either way she got a thumbs up from us. A beaming picture, she told Biggie she simply loved her new look.

With Nhlanhla as Head of House, many were looking at them as a power couple of sorts, but she responded that housemates had already started calling her “boss lady” way before Nhlanhla’s reign. She attributed this to her stern and straightforward nature. While she was a sweetie-pie she had no problems speaking her mind.   SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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