#BBHotshot: Lover Boy Tanzania’s Idris’ Infatuations With Botswana’s Housemate Goitse


Idris_and_Goitse_day19_bba9#BBHotshot: Lover Boy Tanzania’s Idris’ Infatuations With Botswana’s Housemate Goitse , It increasingly seems the only way Idris can stop thinking about Goitse is if either one of them gets evicted. After swearing and telling any of the housemates that cared to listen a couple of times that he has decided to take the back seat, let Goitse live her life, give her as much space as he can and lots of other gibberish, Idris was back at her again yesterday. Immediately after the Channel O Friday Night party, as other housemates were getting cozy and having fun in the Jacuzzi, Idris continued with his act of making a fool out of himself by bringing up the same issue in a length discussion with her. Seemingly forcing her, Idris asked Goitse to say that she is into him and stop making insinuations that he is eyeing every girl she sees him with. He continued by telling her that he is in the house to find love and the only person he has eyes for in the house is her. In response, Goitse was blunt as she told Idris that unlike him, she is not in the Big Brother house for love. She went on to advise him to know what he wants and be firm about it as he seems to be confused at the time.

Goitse feels Idris is not yet sure about her as she is of the opinion that Ellah likes him and he also might probably be into her. She told him to go for  the Ugandan as she doesn’t want to be  the other woman. Realising that she doesn’t trust him, Idris went ahead to explain to her that just like her, he has a lot of people attracted to him and  she shouldn’t be threatened by that. Goitse snapped at this point as she yelled at him that she is not threatened by Ellah or anyone that might like him because it is not her business to know who kisses and sleeps with whoever. Their discussion ended on a sad note as Idris angrily walked away from her. His frustration was evident as he broke the door handle while trying to open the door to enter the house.

10345934_623311931114967_1529824283023328286_nNot quite long after, Goitse was heard telling Arthur that she is not here for childish love  as she had never dated her agemates or younger guys. She also told him that she is not here for love and not ready to date as she has been hurt several time before in the past.  SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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