#BBHotshots #BBA2014: Tanzania’s Idris Regrets To have Gone On a Date with Botswana’s Goitse


idris tanzania big brother africa#BBHotshots #BBA2014: Tanzania’s Idris Regrets To have Gone On a Date with botswana’s Goitse, The word love is an unjust, heartless and lawless and whoever made or started  it should unplug it and plug it back in to change its settings, because Idris is regretting whenever he thinks  of being in the same house with Goitse, the same person who rejected him.

The 21 year old Tanzanian  regrets going after Goiste but at the same time  is proud of himself anyway. However, when asked by Mr. 265 if he likes any girl in the house, he said he only sees Goiste, Samantha and Ellah. Yep, at least it gives  us some hope that he might get over the Goitse thing and starts to Samanthalise or  going Ellah!

From the conversation, fellow housemates  feel Idris needs to forget about Goitse because she is only enjoying the attention he gives her and  she not really into him. According to Permithias  he asked her if she liked him (Idris) but she didn’t give him a straight answer.  Nhlahla added that Goitse is not the good girl people think she is. That she was his first target but after several conversations  with her, he realized that  she was not the type he’d die for. He said “Goitse can break you”  and that she likes controlling which both Butterfly and Permithias agreed.  SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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