#BigBrotherAfrica 2014: Who Is The New Head Of House In #BBHotshots? Zimbabwe’s JJ Becomes Latest Head of The house.


092314_0311_meetghanasf2#BigBrotherAfrica 2014: Who Is The New Head Of House In #BBHotshots?  Zimbabwe’s JJ Becomes Latest Head of The house, he was Up against Samantha and Sipe with the gallery of housemates cheering them on, JJ managed to crack the puzzle and win this week’s Head of House.The three housemates who qualified a short while ago had to each sit on a red cooler racing car at the starting grid. The buzzer sounded once again and racers had to drag their cars around the track. They could not carry the cars which proved hard enough a feat seen as the track was on grass and thus built more resistance against the racers.

Zimbabwean JJ had the second highest number of votes as Africa voted to keep him in the Big Brother house. On a night when Alusa became the first male housemate to be eliminated, JJ trailed Macky2 who bagged Botswana, Malawi, Rest of Africa and Zambia. JJ had the backing of Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe. JJ has been nominated every week since he got into the house but it looks as if he will get a reprieve after the team he was on won the task this past weekend. Book Cafe hosts the official Big Brother Africa Fan Club screenings and after party every Sunday from 6pm. Each racer had to go around three times, collecting one puzzle bag in the colour that was allocated by Biggie. After crossing the finish line, there was more. Each racer had to proceed to the stage and only then, begin assembling the puzzle. In an intense frenzy and piece being moved back and forth, JJ was first to decipher and conquer.  SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

JJ wins HoH_med

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