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BBM ADS special offer and truecaller advertising – Olufemi Balogun  

If you’re an Advertiser in Nigeria them you’ve definitely heard of the BBM advertising platform.
Thousands of Advertisers across the country are already keying into the BBM platform to engage their desired target market.

This June BBM is giving Advertisers the opportunity to get that visibility boost that will take their Brand to the next level. u can get up to 50% extra impressions on your Order. See the image below:

With the Dollar rate soaring high, this is the perfect opportunity to get more than your money’s worth. Basic CPM rate – $3.50c CPA rate (for Growing BBM Channels) – $0.30c/subscriber Channel Feature – $1000/day.

Contact: for more info.
You can also message: 2348166209086

Also new to Nigeria is Truecaller Advertising! You can now have your brand visible on the Truecaller app (while users make a call and also after the call ends).

More information coming soon…

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