Beautiful & Luscious: Pout your lips for healthy living


lipsExercises are a daily recommendation for healthy living. The face and scalp are made up of groups of muscles and the lip muscles are usually described as a vantage point for the reconstruction of the facial muscles. Lip muscles also enhance the ability to frown, smile, chew and more importantly pout.

Lips create certain impressions and define the beauty of the face. Before now, pouting was an impression of sulkiness and disapproval. However, in recent times, it symbolises beauty and a certain level of sexiness in women.

To prevent sagging and wrinkles, exercising the lips may also help increase blood flow, reduce drooping and give firmness to the lip muscles.

Tips for a healthy pout

• Apply Vaseline or lip balm as a base for lipstick.

• Exfoliate lips by removing flakes and applying honey.

• Use lipstick matching lip colour and skin tone. However, ladies with darker skin complexions can also ditch dull colours and apply a softer look instead.

• As one gets older, bright lip colours should be avoided. A darker shade that projects the pride of your age should be used.

• Use a lip pencil to gently outline your lips, then, gloss over with real lipstick colour.   SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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