Benefits Of Watching Movies Online Vs. DVDs, Or Movie Theaters?


2yualttThere are some nights when going out to the movies is the greatest thing in the world, big screens and stereo surround sound baby! And then there are nights when going out is that last thing you want to do, nothing is better than your most comfortable PJs and your special spot on the sofa. It’s lucky for us with the advent of lightening fast Internet and brilliant online library catalogs of every movie ever made (or most) are available to us with the click of a curser. Besides over-priced candy and popcorn, there are other reasons why you should watch movies online.

Portability. You Can Take It With You!

If you have a long road trip to take or an out of town business trip, you can’t take all of your favorites with you. Even if you have a portable hard-drive, do you really want to risk loosing it when you’re out of town? With your tablet or laptop handy (you’re taking it anyway) you have access to just about every movie ever made. No risk of loosing expensive hardware that has more than just movies stored on it like personal information, pictures, and important files you’ll miss more than impulsively wanting to watch Clue.

Availability. Never See “Sorry, Out Of Stock” Again

So, you waited with great patience for the new Fast and Furious to be available on DVD, and like a good little consumer you went to your local movie vending machine (or you try to reserve it online) only to find out it’s out of stock. The same goes for your local super store, you want to buy the blue ray but only DVD is available. So, you go home dejected and wait. Not! With streaming, there’s no “out of stock” or waiting in the rain to get a DVD out of a big box, or worrying about returning it to avoid the daily charges.

Genres. A Movie For Every Taste!

No matter how big the store, do they really carry enough to satisfy every taste? If you want a movie that’s not popular enough to keep shelved, you’ll have to wait for the store to order it, that can take up to a week and a second trip back to the store or extra fees for shipping it to your house. No thank you. Just type the title in the search option and click, click, you’re watching an old favorite.

Date Of Release. Too Old Or Too New?

Unless it’s some kind of classic that’s in high demand some really great films just can’t be found in any box or store. Finding great old movies in stock is relying on some buyer who only orders according to a general popularity. Most are fairly new and less than 10 years old and new releases fly off the shelf e.g. The Hobbit.  If you’re waiting for a new release to go from theater to DVD, it can up to 6 months if it’s a blockbuster, if it tanked, you might not want to watch anyway. Watching online movies, release dates mean nothing. SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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