Best Aggregator Sites In The World : Find the World’s News on World Best Aggregator Sites


18fbnd539om9gjpgPaper newspapers may be a thing of the past. A publication thrown at your doorstep simply can’t keep up with news aggregator sites online. The sites chronicle news as it happens in every corner of the globe and sends it to your computer, phone, or device instantly. In an effort to market themselves to different sectors of the population, some sites offer the news in unique ways, such as a comical spin, a particular political bent, or just showing pictures to get you excited about learning more. What follows is a list of the best news aggregator sites. For today, anyway. The list is bound to change on an hourly basis.

Google News

With a name like Google, this site can’t go wrong. It’s serious news. The front page includes enough headlines, complete with teaser first sentences, to keep you busy all day. The main and center column of the front page scrolls down with titles categorized into “top stories,” “world,” “sports,” and other traditional sections. A left sidebar gives menu choices for quicker searches, and the left sidebar includes interactive areas which you can customize to your liking to view local stories or editor’s picks. And that’s just the first page.


The stories found listed by the dozens on Fark’s front page are legitimate, but the headlines have been “farked.” Each title is clever or funny or ridiculous and even has a rating telling you which one. Next to each headline is a tiny highlighted adjective describing the tack the Fark folks have taken. Some of the adjectives are, “amusing,” “stupid,” “sad,” “spiffy,” and “ironic.” Just reading the headlines may be enough for you on Fark as they are meant to capture your attention. They do.  SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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