Beyonce Is Not Responsible For Her Son: Matthew Knowles Babymama Speaks


    Reports recently shows that Beyonce’s 4 year old half brother lives on food stamps after her father Matthew Knowles refused to pay his baby mama child support. Now, for the first time, Mathew’s baby mama speaks out saying she’s very disappointed in Mathew and that Beyonce is not responsible for her son. Alexsandra Wright tells Inside Edition“It’s disappointing. I’m not angry. I’m disappointed. More than anything he raised two other children and was very active and involved in their lives and they turned out very well, so why he’s choosing not to acknowledge his only son, I don’t know, but it’s disappointing” SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>>

    “I am the only parent taking accountably at this point. It’s not anybody else’s responsibility but Mathew Knowles. I don’t expect Beyonce to take accountability. It’s not her problem. Its not her situation.”

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