Beyonce Visit Her Sister (Solange Knowles) In New Orleans


    Following the beating giving to Jay-Z by Beyoncé younger sister Solange, Beyoncé has finally proven that the ugly scene is all behind them. The 32-year-old singer posted an image to Instagram on Saturday of her posing with younger sister Solange, 27, in New Orleans, Louisiana. In the heartwarming image, the Single Ladies singer and her sister have their arms wrapped around one another as they smile and pose for a picture. Beyonce and Solange‘s reunion in New Orleans really was a family affair was also learned that Jay Z also joined on the fun. Bey, Solo and Hova all hit up New Orleans hot spot Cafe Amelie for more than 2 hours Saturday and the fam came with a MASSIVE security detail and 3 black SUV’s waiting nearby. it was gathered that a team of bodyguards waited outside making sure no one could get a clear shot of the threesome hanging out. The person who snapped this pic says when it came time to leave, Jay and Beyonce darted in separate directions to the car forcing the photog to choose one. The queen won. Since Bey’s wearing the same dress looks like that Instagram with Solange was taken during the lunch.
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