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Are You Looking For Big Brother Africa 2016 Registration/application Form & Audition Date/venue?

Big-Brother-Africa-2016-300x225 To All Big Brother Africa lovers, are you looking for Big Brother Africa 2016 Registration/application Form and audition date/venue …. if that is the case , just calm down and have a deep sigh because you have arrived at the right page as we are here to feed and equipt you with the right information you need about the upcoming Big Brother Africa 2016 registration and application form as well as revealing the audition dates .

Last year (2015) was a very rough year for Big Brother Africa television show because there was a constraint in BBA system. Because of this issues the event didn’t hold as a result of some complications that wasn’t rectified on time . This is what really went down, Big Brother Africa was initially sponsored by coca-cola and airtel took over, now that airtel has withdraw their hands from sponsoring the show other companies has rufused to take the challenge and that was the simple reason the show didn’t happened last year.


This is 2016 and we expect things to be different from the norm . The application form will be out sooner than later and as soon as the form is available. We recently learnt that the sponsor issue currently hindering the progress of Big Brother Africa (BBA) has been looked into and there is alot of reasons to believe that the television show will take place this year 2016 .

When the application Form is out , purchase one and prepare for the audition . One thing is very important and necessary here , that is how to apply to 2016 Big Brother Africa and i will be discussing it after the jump .

How To Apply To Big Brother Africa 2016

1. After purchasing the form from an authorise person or bank , create a video and you can check the  “video” tab on the BBA website for some help
2. Save the video and your picture to your personal computer you are using for the registration
3. Now , you are require to fill the application form on BBA portal , when you are done filling the form , upload your video to the form
4. Now that you have submitted your application form , sit down and relax…. a mail will be sent to your inbox
Important Note: Applications is open for 21 years old and above


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