10644679_10152453247408811_5661639693801506106_oBig Brother Africa: BBA Hotshot changes the voting and nominations’ process. Press Release: Big Brother Africa changes the voting and nominations’ process. This will not affect voting. 

M-Net and Endemol South Africa have taken immediate steps to address an error that occurred during the Nomination Announcement on Big Brother Hotshots on Monday evening, 13 October 2014. The name of Permithias was erroneously omitted from the list of this week’s nominated housemates and was not made available as a voting option for viewers on the relevant platforms.

Housemates made their nominations on Sunday evening. Frankie received 8 nominations, Tayo and JJ received 7 each Permithias received 6, Esther received 5, Sabina received 4, and Lilian and Laveda received 3 nominations each.

M-Net and Endemol South Africa have taken the following steps to correct this error and to ensure that the voting process is fair to all nominated housemates:

  1. All voting platforms, except SMS, will be closed as of 11:00 CAT on Tuesday 14 October.
  2. Big Brother’s nominee read will happen on Tuesday 14 October after the broadcast of the Daily Highlights show at 20:30 CAT on all relevant channels, so that the housemates and viewers are aware of the full list of nominees.
  3. All votes, including SMS votes, for the period Monday 13 October 20:30 CAT to Tuesday 14 October 20:30 CAT will be verified by auditors SizweNtsalubaGobodo on Tuesday 14 October 20:30 and will be excluded from the accumulated vote count for Sunday 19 October.
  4. Charges for all SMS votes received between Monday 13 October 20:30 CAT and Tuesday 14 October 20:30 CAT will be reversed (users will be refunded).
  5. Voting will reopen on all platforms directly after the housemates have been informed of the relevant nominees on Tuesday 14 October after the Daily Highlights Show, 20:30 CAT.

The nine housemates nominated for eviction on Sunday 19 October are therefore: Esther; Ellah (both Uganda); Frankie (Rwanda); JJ (Zimbabwe); Laveda (Tanzania); Lilian; Tayo (both Nigeria); Sabina (Kenya) and Permithias (Namibia). Eight of the housemates are up for eviction based on nominations received from their fellow housemates, while Ellah is up for eviction after Head of House Samantha used her powers to add her to the list. Ellah will not be informed of her nomination until Sunday evening when Samantha reveals her decision during the Live Eviction Show.

M-Net and Endemol South Africa apologise to viewers for the error and can confirm that the correction will have no bearing on the results of the eviction vote on Sunday 19 October, due to the independent auditing process verified by SizweNtsalubaGobodo.

There are four ways to vote for your favourite housemate each week:

  1. Via SMS
  2. Via WeChat
  3. Via
  4. Via the mobisite on your mobile phone     SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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  1. very very happy with my macky2 his really a true african you derserve to win at all cost and you my vote from the start to the keep playing the game nice one.

  2. bigbrother the season 10 should be an anniversary 4 all ur ex mates from season 1-10
    Bring them all together

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