Big Brother Africa BBA8: Angelo, Dillish & Bimp Almost Hard To Separate


diit has been a while. Well, Kyle is back and looking at the nominees we have this week. These three chaps have deservedly done what they had to do and there is no doubt that each one of the three deserves a spot in the Top 5. Every hustle or competition has a winner but making Top 5 out of a bunch of 28 contestants is something self-gratifying. I can attest to this.

Bimp has been one of the not many real people since the show started and I applaud this dude. Coming from Ethiopia and fresh with a not-so-Ethiopian accent, Bimp just sounds so Ugandan to me. I am playing. Anyway, this dude has had quite a long journey and very interesting with girls falling for him but him insisting he will remain faithful to his Ethiopian beau back in Addis Ababa. It is hard being in a house locked up with girls, and not just girls but smoking hot girls and you decide to hold onto what you have back home.

Now that is just a real man not a counterfeit! As far as I can remember I don’t remember in the history of Big Brother someone being voted by 10 countries while up for eviction. Only Bimp has done it! That shows you how loved he is by Africa. If there were no regional sects voting their own, I would confidently say Bimp deserves the money. He has been nothing but real. He is so calm and brushes everything that comes in with bad energy. Elikem has been in his face and they don’t like each other at all but he still has the pride to acknowledge Elikem making it to the finale, the first for Ghana! If you don’t like Bimp, I doubt your taste in people. SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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