Big Brother Africa: Fire Alarm In The BBAHotshot House Today


scru Big Brother Africa: Fire Alarm In Th BBAHotshot House Today, Today the fire alarm went off and all Housemates ran outside with HoH Sheillah chained to Nhlanhla showcased her leadership skills and asked all housemates to run to the garden and remain there until the alarm stopped. Butterphly and Elikem who were in the shower also ran out to safety.Housemates had been taught how to react in case of a fire outbreak and in this case they just did what they were taught to the best of their knowledge, but fortunately, there wasn’t any fire, rather Biggie wanted to check on the housemates’ response in such tense times.While in the garden, housemates mingled and relaxed with Sheillah urging everyone to keep in the garden until they were instructed to go back to the house. Once the fire alarm stopped, Elikem who was still scrubbing himself ran back to the shower to finish what he’d started, the rest of the bunch also retreated to the house and everything was back to normal. Where you contented with the way housemates responded to the fire alarm?

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