Big Brother Africa: Zimbabwe’s Hakeem Booted Out, July 6th Evictions


    Last Night Africa has bid farewell to Zimbabwe’s Hakeem. Tears and screams echoed in both Houses as the Zimbabwean made an emotional exit from the Big Brother House.

    Just a few moments after the hunky model learned that he had been put up for Eviction by Head of House Melvin; he then learned that he is the latest Housemate to be Evicted from The Chase. Melvin was inconsolable and couldn’t believe that Africa hadn’t saved the Zimbabwean. “Forgive me father,” he kept muttering. But Hakeem tenderly hugged his Nigerian buddy and the rest of the Diamonds before he kissed his girl Cleo goodbye and then joined IK and Fatima on stage.
    Over the past few weeks the Diamond dude has found himself becoming a regular on the Nominations list and he managed to scrape through by the skin of his teeth over and over again. See More After Cut>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    This week had looked to be the Zimbabwean’s lucky week. He managed to win himself the Head of House chieftainship on Friday. This week was a 7th heaven for him as he got to play the role of a loving husband to his real life lover Cleo as part of the Wedding Task. At the Task Presentation on Thursday the two had an emotionally charged Wedding ceremony that saw the Diamond fellow bring his woman to tears with a sweet serenade. But tonight his luck finally ran out.
    With Hakeem out of the The Chase what will become of his lady love Cleo? And who will be the new HoH in the Diamond House?
    Zimbabwe’s Hakeem made an emotional exit from the Big Brother House leaving his woman Cleo behind. Although it has only been a short while but already his absence has a left a clear void inside of the Diamond House. The usually bubbly Cleo was as quiet as a church mouse and there was a sombre mood filling the air as the Diamonds sat around the House reminiscing about the Zimbabwean and trying to cheer up the Zambian lass. “God has a reason for everything,” Beverly consoled.
    Over the past weeks Hakeem and Cleo aka HaCleo has shared their fair share of ups anddowns but no matter what one thing was always clear; that this is a couple that genuinely cares deeply for each other. And there have been no shortage of romantic gestures to prove it; from Hakeem’s cute hand written love note to their passionate first kiss, hissincere Wedding proposal and their tear-jerking Wedding ceremony at the Task Presentation.
    But now their cute love affair has had to come to an abrupt end, at least for the time being. So what does the future hold for HaCleo? Will The Chase lovers reunite after the show to continue their sweet romance or is this the end of the road for them?
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