Big Brother Hotshot 2014: 10 Things Learnt From The Housemates First Task Presentation


JJ-Esther-kayce-Moore-LavedapngBig Brother Hotshot: 10 Things Learnt From The Housemates First Task Presentation In this week’s task where housemates wagered 100% with Biggie, they were to showcase their individual talents and shine in the eyes of Africa. As they were nailing the performances, I was quoting and I managed to pick a few lessons from them and here are the new findings .

#1. Sabina can shift from Comedy to emotional stories….


#2. Laveda can dance too besides doing her usual saxophone thing….. Yeah she can though her dance moves are poor.


#3. Esther Can do anything for her country….The small pepper girl pulled off an energetic dance performance all in the name of Uganda her Country

#4. Idris Wants to be like Luis… Remember those 6 packs shown by the Namibian dude during the Opening show, Tanzania’s Idris wants them too….”


#5. Luis too wants to be like Nhlanhla the housemates who towers the house…. ” I am gonna take tea with lemon and become tall like… I don’t know what his name is…(referring to Nhlanhla)” He said

#6. We also came to realise that Idris’ game was downed by Uganda’s Big eyed Ellah(I guess)…..” I came with my game plan but Uganda thought they could spoil it by bringing their girl with big girls, guess what, they spoilt it.” still Luis

#7. That Arthur has spent 5 good days without visiting the toilet!!….Other housemates too!!  SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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