Big Brother Hotshot Housemates Fights for Africa’s approval



Big Brother Hotshot Housemates Fights for Africa’s approval, 63 days to show Africa they deserve the millions of dollars at stake, the hotshots are doing everything they can to win Africa’s heart. In the last set of the diary room session with Biggie, housemates share what they would love Africa to appreciate most about them.M’am Bea clearly told Biggie that she wants to make sure that Africa appreciates and celebrates her as a woman with style. Trezagah told Biggie that he believes he is a good rapper and felt the crowd loved him yesterday. His wish is that Africa does not miss the feel of his music even though they may have no comprehension of the language he raps in which is his language, Portuguese. Kacey Moore told Biggie that he was disappointed with the score that he received but that he plans to show more of his diverse talents. He said that he will do more than just singing and hoped that Africa will love him for it. Samantha said that she was not unhappy with her score as she reckons she didn’t do badly. She expressed her keenness to work with everyone in the house and be able to accommodate and work with the diverse personalities. Idris, feeling great about being in the house and his performance last night, admitted to not having a strategy but hoped that Africa would fall in love with him as the show progressed.

Goitse was not entirely happy with her performance and felt that she could have done better. Despite this, she believes that Africa was impressed with her performance. She told Biggie that she wished to be a professional choreographer following the Big Brother experience.

Ellah complained about a headache that she had had since yesterday. She told Biggie that she felt her performance was alright and that her focus is to make Uganda and the whole of Africa proud.

Resa told Biggie that she was happy to be in the house but found that the bedroom was particularly crowded. She told Big Brother that she was set on developing herself as a brand, doing events management and radio.

Frankie told Biggie that he believed his performance was spectacular. He also shared that he was passionate about children and wanted to do something to impact their lives.

Macky2 simply and confidently said that he is well-spoken enough to be loved by Africa.  SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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