samanBIG BROTHER HOTSHOT: SAMANTHA BAGS HEAD OF HOUSE (HOH) Samantha will started her duties today and she now have the privilege of putting up one housemate for possible eviction this week. For  this week’s HoH task, Biggie introduced a qualifying round where all the 24 housemates had to search for five needles hidden in a haystack. After so much struggle, Nhlanhla, Tayo, Kacey , Alusa and Samantha were the lucky ones as they found the needles. Then all housemates were asked to retreat to the lounge where another task brief was read, the five first round winners then returned to the garden and took up their spots (chicken coops). They were to fill 10 egg holders which were well placed behind a mesh fence. The task kicked off and the likes of Nhlanhla, Tayo, Kacey and Alusa seemed to be having a ride of their lives but they lost concentration and started dropping their eggs which gave a composed Samantha the ultimate chance to get ahead of them. The South African lass took her time to fill the eggs holders one at time from the bottom until she filled the last one much to the excitement of the rest of the housemates (especially girls) who were seated in opposite direction in the house.

Samantha takes over from Laveda whose HoH reign has been received with mixed feelings; she helped her fellow housemates win their first Wager, but failed to help her team win the Extravaganza showpiece.


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