Big Brother Hotshots Day 10: Live Events For All Housemates



Big Brother Hotshots Day 10: Live Events For All Housemates involving all housemates

21:00 Sipe, Ellah and Esther plead with Biggie for single guys that they could mingle with in the house. The house is buzzing with conversaztion and music in the background.

20:45 Kacey Moorre and Butterphly are in each other’s arms… Could something be brewing there or is it all inocent?

20:30 More dancing in the house, Sheillah and Nhlanhla still cuddling and some of the housemates go take a shower.

20:15 Biggie finally plays some music and the Hotshots continue to drink and dance the night away.

20:00 The housemates have done it again, another 100% wager won!

19:00 The housemates are ready to present their dance task. Stay tuned to see how they do.

18:50 The nervous tension and excitement builds in the house as the housemates prepare for their performance for Africa. Will they win their 100% wager for a second week in a row?

18:45 With fifteen minutes to go to the performance, Smantha has a short diary session with Biggie. Biggie tells the housemates to go inside and close the doors.

18:35 Sipe is next up for the Diary Room and has to take in the CD’s of the music for tonight’s performance. “Other people do not consider other peoples opinions”, she is not happy with some of the housemates, such as Lilian who wouldn’t listen to Laveda. People are showing their true colours. She does not feel that Tayo’s apology was sincere.

18:13 Idris is next up for Biggie, he has faith that they will take the wager. He felt that last night with Goitse went very well. He feels that it shows Africa that he is like everybody else in that he cannot control when “love happens”. He blushes and laughs.

18:22 Laveda is called in to the Diary Room, she also is scolded for Biggie having to call her twice. She had a great day, she told Biggie and she feels that the housemates willl win the wager. “Permithias makes me feel something”, she likes him, but take it slow.

18:19 Permithias discusses the ladies in the house. Biggie tells him to be aware of the saying “a woman scorned”.  SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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