Big Brother Hotshots Day 9: Food, Mood & Dance Housemates Complain Of Food in Diary Room Session


bb-Hotshots4Big Brother Hotshots Day 9: Food, Mood & Dance Housemates Complain Of Food in Diary Room Session, Food was a big theme in the diary room, particularly since Samantha had decided it was necessary to ration the salt, by hiding it. Arthur told Biggie housemates had started working together when it came to food, learning to eat sparingly. Sipe, on the other hand, thought hiding the salt was an exaggerated move.

There were more mixed opinions about the new head of house. Sabina questioned her as a leader, saying she didn’t stand out. Kacey Moore, however, said she was a strong woman and a great leader. The Head of House herself showed how she had been applying her organisational skills as leader by telling Biggie they now had a cooking list in place, and a cleaning roster.

Another hot topic was the dance battle, which had caused a lot of anxiety. Macky2 said they were feeling ambivalent about the 100% wager when they realised their definition of modern dance was not what they’d thought. Nevertheless, he was confident they would win, as were love-struck Idris, Frankie and Trezagah.

As far as the dance training went, it had boosted Esther’s mood. Even Lilian, who thought she could employ her twerking skills for the task, still loved it after finding out what she actually had to do. M’am Bea was happy to discover she could dance. On the flip side, Mr. 265 expressed frustration about people misunderstanding the task and JJ said people were exhausted from practising so hard, but everyone was coping and would do well.  SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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