Screen-Shot-2014-10-06-at-5.23.12-PMBIG BROTHER HOTSHOTS: NOMINATIONS AFTER EVICTION, Right after the eviction, Housemates were not given time to nurse wounds following the eviction of  their fellow housemates with whom they had started to bond. Biggie called  Housemates right away for nomination and as usual every housemate was required to nominate two of the members from the extravaganza presentation. This is how the nomination sessions went:

Alusa’s Nomination Session

1. Esther because she is the one he has least connected with so far among the housemates.

2. Tayo because he is a bit aggressive and has rubbed people in a wrong way

Arthur’s Nomination Session

1. JJ because he has the I I character and he’s one of the reasons why their group lost in the extravaganza
2. Sabina because she wanted to shine more and forgot the group.. still the extravaganza presentation

Butterphly’s Nomination Session

1. Frankie because they were cool when they had just got here but they are not vibing well these days
2. Esther because she too was cool with her but something snapped and they are not clicking now

Ellah’s Nomination Session

1. Tayo because he was a bit aggressive during the task
2. Laveda because she becomes too controlling

Esther’s Nomination Session

1. JJ because they lost because he couldn’t listen to them as he couldn’t take people’s advice
2. Permithias because he insulted her friend Tayo, Today when they were in the lounge, something happened between Tayo and Laveda but Permithias brought it back, she thinks it was provocative

Frankie’s Nomination Session

1. Tayo because he behaves like a kid ..he talks about their incident

2. JJ because he is egocentric

Goitse’s Nomination Session

1. Esther because she feels that some people are to blame for their team loss
2. Lilian because they were supposed together as the team but after the announcement, Lilian made it seem like they did nosense

Idris’ Nomination Session

1. Frankie because he’s outgoing and cool but he thinks he doesn’t fit in the group(Biggie rejects this because he chooses Housemaates carefully)….He says that they are not really connecting, he’s the odd man out.
2. Permithias because he’s trying to girls in the house


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