Big Brother Hotshots: Show Romance Begins, Sheillah Says Nhlanhla calls me his wife’


Tnormal_d_043Big Brother Hotshots: Sheillah Says Nhlanhla calls me his wife’ , The ‘showmance’ between South African handsome boy Nhlanhla and Botswana beauty  Sheillah is growing into a romance of sorts, going by the way the Hotshot pair treats each other. In past few days, the two have spent ample time having chit chats and yesterday seemed like the icing on the cake as they spent a bigger part of the evening getting know more about one another. At some point  Nhlanhla leaned in for what seemed like a kiss but Sheillah shyly turned him down but Nhlanhla finally settled for her forehead. Today morning, they were early risers and still had a continuation of their talk. They seem to be a match made in heaven if you ask me, only time will tell how long they’ll keep what they feel for each other under the wraps. Well, during one of her Diary Sessions, the Swana babe shared with Biggie: “We share a bed, eat together, sit together, hecalls me his wife,” referring to the relationship she has with Nhlanhla. We are anxiously waiting and seated at the edges of our seats, can’t wait to see what’s in store for both ‘Hotshots’.

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