Big Brother Hotshots: Sofa Lounge Concert A reward for BBA Hotshot Eight Housemates For Making It To Final week


Nhlanhla_JJ_Idris_day57_bba9Big Brother Hotshots: Sofa Lounge Concert A reward for BBAHotshot Eight Housemates For Making It To Final week , After revelling in theSofa Lounge concert as a reward for making it to the final week some of the final eight housemates looked back on various moments over the season that stood out for them. The three musketeers Idris, JJ and Nhlanhla took a funny and frank walk down memory lane and listed their love hits and misses inside the house.

The three lads ventured into a candid question and answer game, with JJ suggesting that Idris’ friendship with Samantha was more than meets the eye. Nhlanhla even suggested that he enjoyed all the attention from the girls as much as he wanted to make it look innocent. Idris also pointed out that JJ kissed Ellah and shouldn’t bother denying it. JJ did admit to nursing a superficial crush on the Ugandan beauty.

It also came out that while Nhlanhla shared a kiss with Mira back in the day, he and Sheillah never ever took it there. He was however very attracted to her. Mira came out everyone’s girl of choice; she was bubbly, bold, beautiful, had a killer bod and was the least complicated of all the girls in the house. Nhlanhla even beamed at his special memory with Mira to whom he fondly referred to as “scheme”, which in this context could be understood as friends (with benefits).

JJ would marry Samantha and, surprisingly enough, Nhlanhla would marry Goitse, but we’re not sure we buy that story. Idris, of course, was stumped for choice with all he had on his plate. He was also voted somewhat of a pimp in the house for obvious reasons.
Nhlanhla finally threw out the loaded question; who amongst the them do they predict a winner? With the exception of themselves they couldn’t decide on who was the most deserving. It is clear that this is going to be a week of bringing up old and fond memories as housemates wait with bated breath to find out who Africa would keep for the final win.

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