thaBIG BROTHER HOTSHOTS TO BE DIVIDED INTO TWO TEAMS, New HoH Samantha kicked off her reign with a task brief she read to housemates and they had to decide how much they would be Wagering with Biggie this week. It seems after winning the first 100% Wager of the season last week, housemates have become very confident and once again decided to go for another 100% Wager!

Just like the previous week, the task brief read clearly that housemates had to split into two teams, the procedure is not yet known but it may be up to  Samantha just like Laveda who faced some housemates wrath for the rest of the week. One wonders how the South Africa lass will pick her team.

For the task, the housemates have to choreograph and compile a modern dance show. During the week they will receive training from different instructors. Afterwards, they will have to apply what they learnt in order to go face to face in a modern dance battle. In addition to choreographing and compiling the dance-off, the housemates have to design the costumes and create a backdrop. Biggie is certainly not making it easy for the housemates.

We wonder how the likes of JJ, Sabina and Alusa will fare if they coincidentally happen to be on the same team again bearing in mind that they were also struggling to be heard last week something that contributed to their team loss.

How do you think Samantha should come up with her team?

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