Big Brother Hotshots Week 2 Nomination Sessions: See Nominations for This weeks Evictions


mr33Macky2’s Nomination Session

1. Laveda because was unfair during the decision she made
2. Frankie because he’s being fake.. his accent too

Luis’ Nomination Session

1. Alusa because him and Mira were friend and every time he looks at him he reminds him of her and he would like focus on his ga,e
2. JJ because he comes across as if he knows everything

Mr. 265’s Nomination Session

1. Permithias because he finds him annoying
2. Arthue because they haven’t been able to chat and he doesn’t accept criticism

Mam Bea’s Nomination Session

1. Esther because she swears alot which makes her uncomfortable
2. Sabina because she doesn’t have respect while talking to people

Nhlanhla’s Nomination Session

1. Tayo because they had an argument yesterday before the performance on how Africa was going to vote he also said that Africa would vote for them out of sympathy
2. Sabina because she is the person he hasn’t had conversation with on the list and in house

Permithias’ Nomination Session

1. Tayo because he is loud and doesnt respect women, he was cursing Laved
2. Frankie because he’s not representing himself   SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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