Big Brother Hotshots: Tayo & Arthur Fights


fightBiggie’s nomination trick that got everyone except Laveda on  the block…. Everyone was free with everyone and seemed trusting themselves. But wait, don’t celebrate too fast, with alcohol in the house, expect anything to  happen anytime, as it is said that a  man reveals all he  has at heart when  he is happy, angry and drunk!After wining yesterday’s wager,  late in the night, Tayo, Mr. mouth extraordinaire, under the influence of one measly glass of champagneDrunk, told Arthur that his comedy piece was not as good as his dancing. He added that  people were not really getting the jokes and that Idris’ performance  was far better. Arthur got hurt and Miss Ellah was close, noticed that Arthur was  hurt and started harassing Tayo who didn’t back off the issue. Tipsy Frankie used the opportunity to drive a fortified wedge between his intended and the local Lothario. Frankie said that in Nigeria, people criticise comedy and  the way they take it makes him not  give a shit about Nigeria.

The house split and the game strategies seem  to  have began to peek out. Samantha was genuinely unhappy that Arthur might have been hurt as it is his mainstream talent that was being criticised in public.  Alusa used the opportunity to fuel the fire with Frankie and Ella by chipping in comments about how Tayo just says anything.  SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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