#BigBrotherAfrica 2014 #BBA : First Eviction This November Rwanda’s Arthur Evicted from BBAHotshots


vipBilloard#BigBrotherAfrica 2014 #BBA : First Eviction This November,Rwanda’s Arthur Evicted from BBAHotshots. The Rwandan’s Big Brother Africa rep and debutante Arthur has been evicted from the Big Brother Hotshots house after four weeks of showcasing massive talent and a great sense of humor.bba9_2014105_shoutout_arthur

The actor, comedian and dancer has today 2nd November 2014, leaves the house, leaving behind country mate Frankie who was also up this week after being put up by HoH JJ reasoning that he (Frankie) had no respect for him as a man.

Arthur becomes the first eviction victim of the day which leaves us with Sheillah, Frankie, Mr.265, Macky2, Luis andKacey still in danger of the gallows tonight. A well fought battle indeed, all the best Arthur, those talents are definitely going to land him bigger things in the future, especially the comedy part of it.  SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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