#BigBrotherAfrica 2014 #BBHotshots: Beauty Queen Ellah Now knows The Truth


ellah added_med#BBHotshots: Beauty Queen Ellah Now knows The Truth, After a week of speculation the moment of truth was here. It was time for Samantha, as this week’s Head of House, to indeed reveal which unfortunate housemate she added onto the list of nominations. But first, IK seemed interested in the Goidris date, to which Idris stood up and exclaimed it was perfect while Goitse blushed all the way in her corner. Also he was concerned about how lonely-heart Trezagah was keeping and if he had made any friends so far?

He also teased Permithias with his various dalliances in the house, to which the smooth talker said he couldn’t kiss and tell.

Getting swiftly back to business, Samantha was summoned to stand and do the right thing. With everyone’s nerves wound tight the silence was just deafening. She stood and told everyone that she had added Ugandan beauty queen Ellah who smirked and raised a thumb as if to say, “it’s okay”. Samantha’s reasons were because she was the strongest of the other team, at the time.  Then, with a bat of an eyelid, the moment of evictions was knocking at our doors. Who will it be?

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