#BigBrotherAfrica 2014: Why BBA Fans Believe #BBAHotshots Is A Failure?


Big-Brother-Hotshots-1-e1409869749903#BigBrotherAfrica 2014: Why BBA Fans Believe #BBAHotshots Is A Failure? Big  Brother Africa, we decided to  ask the Big Brother fans why they think Big Brother Hotshots has not matched their expectations. Many reasons were given but these were the main ones.

No Romance in the house:

For the  past seasons, fans  have been used  to see at least a romantic couple in the house that could  keep them speculating what could happen next. Unfortunately, this time round, we are in week five and nothing is coming their way. Mira who had started up something was booted  in the first week. However, the fans blame all this on the housemates because  most of them  have relationships to protect back home which has limited them to romantically mingle with their colleagues.

Housemates are Camera and Africa Conscious.

This is another reason the  fans spotted that could be bringing all this boring in the house.  Fans say that Housemates are  so camera conscious, Africa conscious  and what people perceive of them. They are now doing everything they can to see that  Africa keeps them in the house thus giving Africa only what they want to show. This has been confirmed by the  many times they have mentioned that ‘Africa is watching everything’.

Poor Voting System.

Good enough, the fans too took their blame saying that they are partly responsible for the boredom in the house as they are voting poorly. They talked about voting the real entertainers out thus keeping borites in the house. They take the blame to the regional voters who prefer keeping their representatives instead  of real entertainers.  SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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