#BigBrotherAfrica #BBA2014 #BBAHotshots: How To Vote & Voting Codes For All Participating Countries?


Big-Brother-Hotshots-1-e1409869749903#BigBrotherAfrica #BBA2014 #BBAHotshots: How To Vote & Voting Codes For All Participating Countries? This week Head of House Idris dropped a bombshell on Monday night after the Big Brother Hotshots Nomination Show when he mysteriously added Butterphly to the danger list for this week. The Zimbabwean, safe from nomination after being part of the winning Downtown Beats team in last week’s Extravaganza Task, has no reason to believe she’s in danger – Idris even played a makeshift game of tennis with her directly after naming her in his visit to the Diary Room! The addition of the Zimbabwean means that there are six housemates in danger of eviction this week: Butterphly (Zimbabwe); Ellah (Uganda); Frankie (Rwanda); Nhlanhla (South Africa); Permithias (Namibia) and Trezagah (Mozambique); Sunday night’s nominations delivered some interesting results – Trezagah lead the nomination charge with 8, followed by Ellah with 6, Frankie with 5, Nhlanhla with 4 and Permithias with 3. Trezagah makes his second appearance on the nomination list, while this is Nhlanhla’s third time in the firing line since launch. It’s a case of new week, same old problems for Ellah and Permithias though, as they appear on the nominees’ list yet again. Perhaps Ellah’s friendship with Sunday evictee Kacey Moore is weighing on the housemates’ minds, and maybe Permithias’ golden voice is losing its magic? Samantha also said that of all the people eligible for nomination, she knew Trezagah the least. The other housemates who picked up nominations but aren’t in danger this week are Samantha (2); Macky2 (2); M’am Bea (1) and Goitse (1).

Monday’s Head of House task delivered a heady dose of irony after Idris kept his cool in the putt-putt challenge to see last week’s winner JJ hand over the medallion. JJ was in charge of Idris’ punishment last week after he broke a door, and it’ll be interesting to see if the Tanzanian exacts any sort of revenge this week.
Voting opened immediately after that decision, and runs until next Sunday. The more you vote for your favourite nominated housemate, the better their chance of staying in the house and being named as the winner. There are four ways to vote for your favourite housemate each week:

1. Via SMS
2. Via WeChat
3. Via www.bigbrotherafrica.com
4. Via the mobisite on your mobile phone     SEE VOTING CODES FOR ALL COUNTRIES ON PAGE 2

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