#BigBrotherAfrica2014 #BBhotshots Day 2: Arthur, The comedian, would pass As Song-writer & Singer?


#BigBrotherAfrica2014 #BBhotshots Day 2: Arthur, The comedian, would pass As Song-writer & Singer?Arthur getting his singing grove on, Well who would have known that Arthur, the comedian, would pass as a song-writer and singer? The young Rwandese united with Kacey Moore and Ellah and created a song that they later promised to polish up and present to Biggie. Kacey Moore initially began singing a song for Arthur and explained its meaning. He shared that he had written at a time when he was struggling. He hadn’t been home for a period of four years and didn’t have money for a ticket. Arthur sat quietly, giving Kacey Moore all the attention he needed – he seemed to be getting emotional and looked like he was absorbed by the music and the lyrics of the song. As Kacey Moore continued playing the guitar, Arthur got inspired and started singing along with him. In no time the two were singing in their home languages and started writing a song, expressing their love for Africa. Ellah joined the boys in creating a song which possessed clear African musical-elements and day to day sounds such as that of roosters at the crack of dawn.  SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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