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Biography/Profile/History Of (2016 MTN Project Fame Season 9) SOLOMON WILLIAMS

a63cd9e38964634741a5a3fe89055308_xlSOLOMON WILLIAMS

Solomon is a 27 year oldmusic lover from Lagos State. He has a BSc in Accounting from University of Abuja and loves to live life to the fullest because in his words ‘You only live once”.

Born into a strict Christian home, Solomon grew up, singing in church. As the only male child among three sisters, Solomon enjoys cooking and singing with his sisters. His other hobbies include playing video games and watching football.

He had auditioned thrice for Project Fame and still did not give up because he believes every individual should be undeterred in the pursuit of their dreams, hence, he traveled all the way to Abuja from Kaduna to give fame another shot.

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