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Biography/Profile/History Of Ghanaian-American actress “Nana Mensah”

IbakaTV-Nana-Mensah-9f861 Nana Mensah is a Ghanaian-American actress, director, writer, singer and all around renaissance woman who we first got to know as the fiery Sade on the web series An African City.

Over the last thirty months, Mensah has been hard at work on her first feature film, a dark comedy called Queen of Glory, which she wrote, directed and stars in.


In Season one of the hit web series An African City, ‘Sade’ played by actress Nana Mensah lived a carefree and crazy life.

Fans of the production should look forward to a new and changed ‘Sade’, Mensah said in an exclusive interview.

“Let’s see. I think this season we see that Sade is uhm human * Laughs *. I think before, season one, she was just having fun, and enjoying herself and dating, and whatever and having a lot of sex.”

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She adds the creator of the show; Nicole Amarteifio wanted to show a different side of her character.

“…but this season I think Nicole really wanted to show that there is a soft side to Sade too. And that she is not just fun and games that she really has… she is vulnerable just like everybody.”

Mensah, who won Golden Actress in TV Series at the maiden Golden Movie Awards for her role in the production, added that shooting season two of An African City was ‘hectic’.

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“Season two was hectic. It was a lot you know, we were shooting thirteen episodes. If you look… for example I’m coming from the American tradition. In America, you have one week to shoot each episode, so you’ve planned all the episodes and then you shoot one episode every week.

“And here, we were shooting thirteen episodes in six weeks * laughs *and so that gives you an idea of how hectic it was. It was brutal * laughs* it was brutal but I mean you know what? It’s like between that and sitting at home and not working, I’d much rather be working.”

In spite of the criticism that the cast and crew of the production had to deal with, she is happy that ‘it’s a point of discussion.”

“I’m happy because I know and have heard that it’s a point of discussion. That people are really talking about it. People are…  And that, as far as I’m concerned means it’s a success. Whether it’s good or bad, it’s forcing people into dialogue and I think that’s the most important thing.”

An African City tells the story of five beautiful and successful women who confide in one another about their love-lives (or lack thereof) and find new ways to deal with being a 21st Century woman in Africa.

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It stars MaameYaa Boafo, Nana Mensah, Maame Adjei, Marie Humbert-Droz and Esosa Edosomvan as lead characters.

It is executively produced by Nicole Amarteifio and Millie Monyo and shot on locations in Ghana.

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