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Biography/Profile/History Of The Late Hollywood Actress Charmian Carr ( Sound Of Music Star)


Date of Birth 27 December 1942, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Date of Death 17 September 2016, Los Angeles, California, USA  (dementia)
Birth Name Charmian Anne Farnon
Nickname Charmy
Height 5′ 3″ (1.6 m)


enhanced-buzz-15121-1387776716-4Mini Bio:

Charmian Carr was born Charmian Farnon on December 27, 1942. She got her name because, supposedly, her father liked the name after reading William Shakespeare’s “Antony and Cleopatra”. Charmian was the name of one of Cleopatra’s maids. She was the second of three daughters. Her mother, Rita Oehmen, had been a vaudeville actress with her brother Eddy, and her father, Brian Farnon, was a musician. She remembers her childhood as very nice, because her older sister Shannon Farnon was always there to watch out for her and their younger sister, Darleen Carr. She moved from Chicago to California when she was 13 and her father left her mother a few years after that. The girls hardly saw their father after that.5-14

She wanted to travel and to visit Europe, little knowing that a movie she would make would be partially shot in Europe. She worked as a doctor’s assistant for awhile until a friend of her mother’s asked her to audition for the part of “Liesl Von Trapp” in the movie, The Sound of Music (1965).

Her fictional family became part of her real family and she considers Nicholas Hammond (who played her brother “Freidrich Von Trapp”) her real brother. After she made the movie, she spent much of the next several years promoting the movie around the world.som7ccarrc

During a lull in the touring, she met and married Jay Brent and became the mother of two girls. She continued acting for a while, but decided that she wanted to stay home and raise her children.

After her children were grown, she began a decorating company and met Michael Jackson, who became one of her clients. Other clients included members of her “Sound of Music” family, including Heather Menzies-Urich and her husband Robert Urich and Ernest Lehman.hqdefault

She got divorced from Jay in 1991. In the late 1990s, she wrote a book about her life and her experiences being “Liesl” called “Forever Liesl”.




Jay Allen Brent (21 May 1967 – 1991) (divorced) (2 children)



Was working as a physician’s assistant when she was cast in The Sound of Music(1965).
She and Brent have two daughters.
Middle sister of Darleen Carr and Shannon Farnon.
Sister-in-law of Jameson Parker.
Daughters: Jennifer (32) and Emily (28), as of April 2002.
Daughter of actress Rita Oehmen and composer Brian Farnon.
Niece of Dennis Farnon and Robert Farnon.julie-andrews-duane-chase-nicholas-hammond-charmian-carr-heather-menzies-bp3e1c
Director Robert Wise changed her last name to Carr because he thought ‘Charmian Farnon’ was too much of a mouthful. He handed her a list of one-syllable last names and told her to pick one. She liked three but ultimately chose Carr.
Distantly related to Heather Menzies-Urich who played her younger sister in The Sound of Music (1965).
Beat out Patty Duke, Mia Farrow and Sharon Tate for her role in The Sound of Music(1965).
Runs her business Charmian Carr Designs – among her clients was Michael Jackson, who gave her an interior-decorating job because he was a big fan of The Sound of Music (1965).
Lives in Encino,California where she runs her interior design business [March 2002]
CREDIT: – IMDb Mini Biography By: CRR

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