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Biography/Profile/History Of Late Nollywood Actress Genevive Nene


Genevive Nene hails from Ebonyi State, has starred in movies that include “Secret Mansion”, “Dorobucci Love”, “Love Wahala” , “Cheta” , “Hottest Strippers”, “Hottest Virgins”, “Quest Of A Life Time”, “Romantic Heart”, “Mistake Women Make”, “Trap”, “Game Of Pleasure” and “Amaka The Patient Girl”.

She also made sveral appearances as a video vixen in several music videos that including ‘Aiye Miami’ by Lace featuring Reekado Banks and Pasuma, Samklef’s ‘Birthday girl’ featuring May D and and Skripture’s ‘Sweet trouble’.

Genevieve Nene is one of the fastest-growing nollywood actresses and a member of Genesis Nollywood. Apart from her beautiful face and sexy shape, she knows how to interpret her roles in any movie. She is also a video vixen with great jobs to her credit.

Below Shows Excerpts From The Interview Conducted with her On birthday On 9th of January 2016:

THEO: Can you let us know your full names?

GENEVIEVE: Lol. I am Genevieve Nene.

THEO: What’s your state of origin?

GENEVIEVE: I am from Ebonyi State.

THEO: Your face has suddenly began to appear on most musical videos and movies, what do you really do?

GENEVIEVE: I am an actress and also a video vixen

THEO: When did you start your movie career?

GENEVIEVE: I started in 2007 and then I stopped and picked up in 2014

THEO: What led you to acting?

GENEVIEVE: My passion for acting. I always loved being an actress it is an in born thing

THEO: How did your parents took the news when they saw you acting?

GENEVIEVE: Initially my parents wasn’t in support of me being an actress but since it is what I have passion for, I have to go against their will and continued acting and then they started watching my movies. They had no choice than to give me their blessings

THEO: Which is your first movie and who produced and directed it?

GENEVIEVE: My first movie was Romantic Heart and was produced and directed by Clifford

THEO: Can you list some other movies you have done?

GENEVIEVE: Secret Mansion, Dorobucci Love, Love Wahala , Cheta , Hottest Strippers, Hottest Virgins, Quest Of A Life Time, Romantic Heart, Mistake Women Make, Trap, Game Of Pleasure, Amaka The Patient Girl and so many others.

THEO: Which of them is most challenging?

GENEVIEVE: All were challenging because I have to interpret the character I am playing so I have to put more effort in each of the roles I played

THEO: So how do you blend your acting with video vixen?

GENEVIEVE: It’s not easy to be a video model but I thank God that at least I always have the energy to do both

THEO: What musical videos did you appeared?

GENEVIEVE: I have worked with the likes of Lace ft Reekado Banks, Pasuma Aiye Miami and Samklef ft MayD Birthday Girl and Westernboy Jubadi, Chambalin ft Harrysong and Skibi and Skripture Sweet Trouble and many others dropping soon

THEO: Between acting and video vixen, which do you prefer most?

GENEVIEVE: I love both

THEO: That’s interesting


THEO: Do you have any bad press as an actress and as a video vixen?

GENEVIEVE: No not at all

THEO: Are u married?


THEO: Do you have a man in your life?


THEO: Will you want to let us know him?

GENEVIEVE: I am sorry but I don’t like discussing my love. When the time is right you will surely know him

THEO: Hmmm, Lol.


THEO: How about your sisters and brothers? How many are you in the family?

GENEVIEVE: I have three brothers and a sister

THEO: Can you arrange them from the first to the last?

GENEVIEVE: I have four siblings. I am the first daughter and the first child and then my immediate younger sister and my three other brothers.

THEO: Have you ever acted nude?


THEO: Will you act nude if you get the offer?

GENEVIEVE: I don’t think I will ever act nude

THEO: What attributes will you want the upcoming actresses to copy from you?

GENEVIEVE: For the upcoming actresses, you need God, patience, hardwork and never give up. No matter the circumstances always believe that one day your talent will speak for you and always be respectful to directors and producers including all crew members.

THEO: Do you have any actress or actresses that you look unto as role model?

GENEVIEVE: Yes. Actress like Mercy Johnson, she is my role model. She is good. She interprets every role given to her very well. I love that.

THEO: You did your birthday recently, how did you celebrate it?

GENEVIEVE: I celebrated my birthday in my house with my friends but first of all I went to the orphanage and spent sometime with the kids

THEO: So how old are you?

GENEVIEVE: Hahahaha let’s keep that pending for now

THEO: It is nice chatting with you.

GENEVIEVE: Same here dear, stay blessed

THEO: You are bless too. Ok.IMG-20160115-WA000

It was gathered that the actress had not been enjoying good state of health for sometime but had continued working on movie sets till few days back.

While details of her eventual exit has not been disclosed, sources said she breathed her last on Tuesday, May 3, 2016 in Lagos.

Nene’s death was confirmed by filmmaker, Ike Nnaebue on Instagram in the early hours of Wednesday, May 4, 2016. He shared a picture of Genevieve Nene with the caption: “RIP @genevievenene this is most shocking… #RealGoneTooSoon“.

May her soul rest in peace.



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