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Biography/Profile/History Of Late Veteran Nollywood Actor Joseph Babatunde-Adu


Nollywood has become huge in Nigeria over the last years. But it was not always so and Jab Adu is one of those few veteran actors who was there when it all has started. Jab Adu died in February 2016. This is sad Nollywood news, but let us find out more about his life and career.

Video: Veteran Actor, Director & Producer, Jab Adu Dies At 83

The rested popular TV series, village headmaster has yet lost another of its top actors. Veteran actor, director and producer, Joseph Abiodun Babatunde Adu, fondly known as Jab Adu, has passed on. Adu, or Bassey Okon, in the popular TV drama series, passed on after a brief illness attributed to old age.

He died at his Abeokuta home, in Ogun state. Eighty three years old, Jab Adu was born on December 28, 1932 in Calabar, Cross River state.

He had his elementary education at the primary school arm of the Baptist Academy in Lagos before proceeding to St. Gregory’s College, Obalende, lagos and later worked at the then British bank for west Africa.

In village headmaster, in the TV series, he played the role of Bassey Okon, the village pharmacist and doctor, who spoke efik-tainted English and master of bonny face, the grocery store sales boy.

Jab Adu produced and featured in cool red in 1976, bisi, daughter of the river 1977, Adio family 1978 and wetin dey 2007 among others. In 1978, the federal government honoured Adu with Member of the Order of Niger MON for his contributions to the arts. The deceased is survived by children and grand children

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Jab Adu biography

Joseph Abiodun Babatunde Adu

The full name of this renowned Nollywood actor is Joseph Abiodun Babatunde Adu. His prominent role was played in the Village Headmaster series (Bassey Okon). His place of birth was Calabar in the Cross River State.

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His first job was not connected with Nigerian dream factory. He worked at the British Bank (that’s where he’s got his British accent from, most likely).  His major was gotten in the Westminster City College in London.

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Later on he entered Morley College of Drama at the same city and studied to become an actor. His first job in Nigeria after the return was in CBN. Babatunde-AduHe himself was the Efik man, but that was not the solo reason why he got the role in the series. He was actually challenged to the part and people thought he would never be able to master the pidgin English needed for it.

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For over 10 years he was the part of the Village Headmaster series and then he came up with Abio Family program in 1978. Bisi, Daughter of the River is another one of his famous and legendary projects.

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Being 82 years of age Jab Adu still believed his major project is ahead of him in the future. He passed away being 83 years old and we have so much to remember and honor about this Nollywood veteran actor!!! What a heritage he has left! R.I.P. Jab Adu.


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