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Biography/Profile/History Of Nigerian Billionaire “Jimoh Ibrahim”


Jimoh Ibrahim is a lawyer, politician, businessman, and philanthropist in Nigeria. He is the chairman and chief executive officer of Global Fleet Group, a diversified conglomerate based in Nigeria, with business interests and subsidiaries in neighboring West African countries.url

Nigerian billionaire, Jimoh Ibrahim is well known in Nigeria for his queer and unconventional business style. A top player in the corporate world, many do not really adore him for his garrulous and proud nature.
Jimoh Ibrahim owns many multi billion naira businesses in Nigeria and abroad, which have either been ran aground or struggling to survive. He has a style of acquiring business and put them on the slaughter slab.Jimoh-Ibrahim-620x330
Among  Ibrahim’s numerous companies include Air Nigeria, Nigeria Re-Insurance Corporation and Nicon Insurance. All these three are no more in operation.
Other Companies owned by the Ondo State born lawyer are global Fleet Oil and Gas, Energy Bank of Ghana, Nicon Luxury Hotel, Abuja, Global Fleet Industries, Oceanic Bank Sao Time and Principe, Newswatch and National Mirror Newspaper. It is worthy of note that most of these companies are struggling to keep afloat.Jimoh-Ibrahim 2


Ibrahim traces his origins to Ondo State, in southwestern Nigeria. He studied law at Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile Ife, Osun State, Nigeria, graduating with the degree of Bachelor of Laws (LLB). Subsequently, he obtained the degree of Master of Public Administration (MPA), also from Obafemi Awolowo University. Jimoh-Ibrahim-Loses-NICON-Oil-Company-Houses-To-N50bn-DebtLater, he attended Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, graduating with a combined Master of Laws (LLM) and Masters In International Taxation degree. His investments include the following sectors, among others: oil & gas distribution, hotels, resorts, airlines, banking, real estate, insurance, publishing and investments.jimoh-ibrahim1

See List Of Businesses Below: 

Global Fleet Group has the following subsidiary companies, among others:

  1. Air Nigeria – Lagos, Nigeria – Formerly Virgin Nigeria
  2. NICON Insurance – Lagos, Nigeria
  3. Nigeria Reinsurance Corporation – Lagos, Nigeria
  4. NICON Luxury Hotel – Abuja, Nigeria – Formerly Le’ Meridien Hotel
  5. Global Fleet Oil & Gas – A chain of gasoline stations (estimated at about 200 in 2011), across Nigeria
  6. The NICON Group – Lagos, Nigeria – Holdings include investment companies, schools, real estate holdings, transport companies and others
  7. Global Fleet Building – Lagos, Nigeria – Formerly Allied Bank Building
  8. Meidan Hotel – Lagos, Nigeria
  9. Global Fleet Industries – Lagos, Nigeria – Formerly HFP Industries Limited
  10. Energy Bank – Accra, Ghana – A new commercial bank in Ghana, started operations in February 2011
  11. Oceanic Bank São Tomé – São Tomé, São Tomé and Príncipe – Commercial bank purchased from Oceanic Bank in May 2011.
  12. Newswatch Magazine – Lagos, Nigeria