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Biography/Profile/History Of Nollywod Actress Regina Chukwu


Nollywood Actress Regina Chukwu is one of the leading household names  in the Yoruba movie  industry even though she is not a Yoruba woman…she hails from Enugu State, Nigeria.Regina and kids
The single mum of two teenagers, Racheal and Richard, lost her husband four years ago.

She says: “I am a single mother  with two kids; one twelve and the other fourteen. I lost my husband,  four years into our marriage. Then my second child was just four months  old. At a time in the marriage, while pregnant with my second child I had to hawk to survive because my husband of blessed memory was sick and bedridden. There was no one to cater for the family so I had to take it upon myself to do what was necessary to survive. I started the business with N5, 000 somewhere in Iyana Ipaja area of Lagos.†she said in an interview.
Check out these new photos of the kids especially Racheal as shared below:

Regina Chukwu and KidsIMG_20151210_215922
Richard, her second child, is 13 years old while Rachael who bears a striking resemblance to her is 14 years.