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Biography/Profile/History of Nollywood Actor / Producer VATALIS NDUBUISI

Vitalis Ndubuisi

Vitalis Ndubuisi – A journalist, a model and an actor, was born into the family of Mr/Mrs Boniface Ndubuisi Ukwe, in Ebenator-Ekwe autonomous Community in Isu Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria, shortly before Nigeria got her political independence from Britain. After his secondary education in the village,   he left for Lagos where he schooled and worked, spending part of his adult life. It was in Lagos that he worked as a broadcast journalist.nolly-wood-actor

During his working career in Radio Nigeria, he worked in various departments, from administration, to studio management to programme presentation/programme production. In 2004, he voluntarily threw in the towel to pursue his acting career, which by the way he had been pursuing side by side with his job as a Radio producer/presenter.ndu31

Having obeyed the small voice in him, Vitalis Ndubuisi took a plung into what will later blossom into a phenomenal industry we call Nollywood today. Having been there from inception, apart from his years on radio Nigeria Lagos, Vitalis Ndubuisi took part in “Living in Bondage’’ which has been acclaimed as the first commercially successful movie in Nigeria in the early 1990s. Reliable in all respects Vitalis Ndubuisi is one of the few consistent faces in Nollywood. With over twenty-five years experience in Nollywood and still counting,   Mr Ndubuisi Vitalis is no doubt one of the pillars of Nollwood. Vitalis Ndubuisi has starred in numerous films shot locally and overseas.

He has also won numerous awards both at home and abroad including NAFCA life time achievement award in Washington DC, USA in 2013. And World Music and Independent Film Festival (WMIFF) also in USA. He is married to Mary Ndubuisi and together they have four children. He holds a degree in Public Administration  from Lagos state University and Certificates in Journalism.



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