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Biography/Profile/History Of Nollywood Actor Tony Umez

timthumb Tony Umez is a Nigerian actor. He has acted in more than 200 Nollywood films of both English and Yoruba languages since his debut in the 1994 film Died Wretched: Buried in N2.3m Casket. 

His birthday was born On 23rd August. And below Are Five (5) interesting things you probably didn’t know about the talented veteran:PicsArt_10-24-07.58.50

1. He was Born August 23, Tony is a native of Ogidi in Anambra, while his mother is from Cross River State.

2. Tony Umez made his acting debut in 1994 with the movie ‘Died Wretched.’

3. The actor has a bachelor’s degree in English, and a Master’s degree in International Law and Diplomacy from University of Lagos.

4. Tony got married to his wife Patsy in 1999, after they met on a movie set.

Tony Umez got married to wife in 1999, after they met in 1994.Tony Umez got married to wife in 1999, after they met in 1994.

5. In 2013, the actor came under attack for his role in movie ‘Room 027,’ which was described as ‘soft porn.’


When He announced the death of his mum through a Facebook post in 2013. In 2014, he was heavily criticized for featuring in the soft-pornographic film Room 027″I did a movie, and I didn’t see it as soft-porn”, Tony Umez talks Room 027

He also Speaks about the soft porn movie, Room 027, which he featured in Below:
Excerpts from the interview:
 I don’t speak nor understand Igbo.  It’s a long story which I wouldn’t want to talk about now. It’s sad but there is nothing I can do about it. In fact, the little I understand is as a result of my wife. My wife is from Okija.
I am from Ogidi in Anambra State. I speak English and Efik fluently because my mum comes from Cross River State. I grew up in Lagos and as a result, I speak Yoruba too. I have done some Yoruba movies. I have also done an Efik movie. It is not as if I  never had Igbo friends while growing up. But I thank God for His mercies. I have never for once run away from my roots.
My Igbo brothers know that I don’t understand Igbo as much as I should. They are very accommodating and it doesn’t make me a worthless person or alienate me from them. They respect me for who I am, and I respect them for who they are. Basically, they don’t discriminate against me. That I don’t feature in Igbo films is because I am not very fluent in speaking the language.
There has been a lot of brouhaha about the film [Room 027]. So many misconceptions. I did a movie, and I didn’t see it as soft-porn. Those who are labelling the film as ‘x-rated movie’  have not watched, till the end. They only watched the trailer and concluded that it is  soft porn. I read the script, which was written by one of the very best in the industry Dami Joe Efe Young.
It was a wonderful script. The lady in question played the lead role in the movie.
It was a 2-hour movie, but people are  focusing on that particular scene which just happened. And it wasn’t as if there was sex on set. Everything was basically make-believe. It was made to look  real and people believed it too. I don’t blame them because they have their own opinions while I have mine.
It wasn’t as if there was sex all through the movie. It was just an aspect of the whole movie. The movie generated a lot of controversies when it was released. Some people commended it while many others were against it.
I received some foreign calls, commending the movie because they watched it till the end. But a lot of people  who criticized it watched only the trailer online. Like I always tell people, I have weathered the storm and I have moved on.



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