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Who Is Joke Jigan? Biography |Profile |History Of Nollywood Actress Joke Jigan

(jokelet)11283312_827879167267347_223286054_n Pretty, amiable and well endowed Nollywood actress and film producer, Joke Jigan, a Business Management graduate of Lagos State University and the CEO of Jigan Security, who has a large number of movies to her credit, including the famed Ikoko, Idoti, Ihoho Mi, Olote, Bisola Beyonce, Kogbodomo and Oyinkansola, celebrates her birthday party with an all white affair last weekend, in Lagos.(jokelet)11267121_1591815111090933_800745117_n

In this interview with SILENT REPORTERS ENITIOLORUNDA ABIOLA- IDRIS ,Joke shares her insight on her journey so far in the industry,her alleged relationship with  FEMI ADEBAYO. ENJOY IT

SR-Joke Jigan is an upcoming producer and actress who has a good number of
movies to her credit,what is the driving force behind this sudden success and how
did it start?JOKE JIGAN-Acting is something I’ve been wanting to do since I was a kid, it’snot by accident that I became an actress, I remember I used to play acting for my parents friends when they come to the house back then and sometimes I play acting in front of the mirror alone lol, then my elder sister was an actress too so I’ve always wanted to be like her and here I am, to God be all the glory!Joke-JiganSR-How many movies have you participated in?JOKE JIGAN-Ah! Can’t remember oooooo but I know it’s over 10 * covers face*SR-which one was the most influential to Kyour fame

JOKE JIGAN-“Ikoko” then I have this one I just produced titled ” Bisola Beyonce

” its not out yet but the promo is in virtually all movies and I get loads of

phone calls text messages home and abroad

SR-which of your movies tasked you the most?

JOKE JIGAN-The most awaiting Bisola, Beyonce cause I gave it my best shot, did all I had to do against all odds

SR-What is your real name,where are you from?

JOKE JIGAN-My name is Joke Jigan, am from ogun state, ijebu ife to be precise ijebu remi wa  proud ijebu girl lol

SR-Our source told us that you don’t have a too good relationship with your colleagues…

JOKE JIGAN– AhahahahahahahahahahahahHahah,am laughing so hard I can feel a 6 packs coming, don’t know where u got that from but I know am the one with most friends

in the industry, and am hearing this for the first timeNollywood-actress-Joke-Jigan-Birthday-Party-2015-AlabamaUncut-013

SR-What is your relationship with iyabo ojo and bisi ibidapo obe like?

JOKE JIGAN-Ah! Those ones are my ” Aunties” oooo,just finished a job that Aunty iyabo was there sef, and the last time I saw Aunty bisi I can remember vividly that I walked up to her And almost went on my kneels to greet her and she said I should stand up she even told me am a very pretty girl * Blushing* I love those ladies so much ”

SR-Who is your mentor?

JOKE JIGAN-I want to be like Oprah Winfrey when I grow up

SR-And not any actress in Nigeria!!!

JOKE JIGAN-Hmmmn! My love for Toyin aimakhu and Tonto dike is out of this world.

SR-What is your educational Qualification?

JOKE JIGAN-My primary / secondary school was in Ogun state then I proceeded to OAU,and now LASU

SR-What are you studying in LASU?

JOKE JIGAN-Business Management

SR-Who mentored you from inception in the movie industry?


SR-People say you have a crush on Femi Adebayo?

JOKE JIGAN-Lol that’s sooo not true joor,some people are saying am dating him, let me address this here and now there’s absolutely nothing between me and uncle femi oooooo, he’s a senior colleague and a good role model


JOKE JIGAN-Am as single as a pin.

SR-But people say you have a child

JOKE JIGAN-Amin oooooo oooooo very soon it will happen when the right man comes

but for now I don’t have any

SR-What do you look out for in a man?

JOKE JIGAN-Plenty money lol.

SR-There are so many rich men in Nigeria,which of them do you want?

JOKE JIGAN-Ah! I’ll not fall for this

your prank o,u want me to mention name

so that ull say am crushing abi* tongue out

SR-How do u unwind?

JOKE JIGAN-I love taking care of my body

ooo,so most times I go to the SPA to get

all sorts done # the best way I unwind

SR-Can you say acting and producing has smiled at you?

JOKE JIGAN-A100% yes

SR-Some people say at inception,beginner actresses are forced to have sex with their superiors,how true is that?

JOKE JIGAN-My brother I dey hear that

story too Oo, but truth be told me never

experience am May be because I produce

SR-How do u handle unwealthy male suitors?

JOKE JIGAN-Lol I don’t think anyone is ” unwealthy”

SR-You just told me you look out for only rich men

JOKE JIGAN-Noooo, that’s not what I said o u asked me what i look for in a man
and I said money, of course am not going to start saying the everyday am looking for God fearing intelligent. Handsome 6 packs tall black man nau money must involve Lol Ambition, truth ,care, trust, and please once again always be truthful no matter how difficult it is to tell me whatever it is those are what I look for in a man

SR-You said u knelt down to greet bisi ibidapo obe,why did you have to do that?

JOKE JIGAN-Because she’s far far older than I am in anyway and I mean come on

am a yoruba girl from a good home and that’s how we greet elders where am from

SR-At what age did you begin to act?


SR-What year was that?


SR-What are the challenges you face in the movie industry

JOKE JIGAN-The competition now is high we have sooo many pretty good looking up
and coming artistes so before u get a good role in other people’s job its kind of difficult and the stress u go through shooting is crcazy sometimes we shoot till mid night and have to wake up early to shoot again anyway its all good like they say ” no pain no gain”,i see myself as a blessed individual cause I get to do other people s job more than I do mine this days

SR-Would u call yourself a scandal free actress?


SR-Why are you a scandal free actress?

JOKE JIGAN-My name hasn’t been attached to any scandal that I can think of, but if u have heard any please to hesitate to call my attention to it


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